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Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps use one code base for both iOS and Android apps. This approach saves time and expense. And best of all, with current advancements, hybrid apps perform on par with native apps. 

We develop our hybrid apps using TypeScript, AngularJS and the Ionic Framework. These technologies allow us to exploit all the native features of the mobile device including camera, storage, and GPS locating.

If you need app development services, give us a call to discuss your project. Advancements in app development tools have made app development more powerful and more affordable than ever before.

Platform Development

Everyone sees the front end of Internet development, but there is an entire world of code delivering services to those front ends.

Today, web services and platform development has expanded to include many different languages and operating environments. Our experience with platform development includes work with PHP, Zend, Laravel, mySQL, Drupal and Wordpress, just to name a few. In addition, we design, setup and maintain our solutions through Amazon Web Services.

If you have a need for backend platform development services, give us a call so that we can fully discuss your requirements.




Technology is constantly changing. Today, we have many different platforms, development environments, and languages. It can get confusing at times. 

Picking the correct technology can be the most important decision you make for your project. We have the experience to help you determine which technology is right for you and your project. 


It is easy to get caught up on the newest technologies, but there are millions of legacy systems, running around the world. These systems are just as valuable today, as they were when they were created.

Need to provide access to legacy data? Perhaps, you want to marry a hybrid app with an in-house legacy system. There are many ways to blend legacy systems with today's internet technologies. 

If you have a legacy system that needs expansion or updating, give us a call. We have been developing software solutions for more than 20 years and have the experience to integrate with many legacy systems and data formats. 

Timothy Jameson


Summerlin Technologies LLC

Timothy Jameson has more than twenty years of experience designing and developing software solutions. In his role as Chief Software Architect for CCI Software Series, an eleven module ERP system, Mr. Jameson developed a strong background in the design and development of financial / accounting systems. Utilizing that background, Tim founded Edge Technologies which specialized in data publishing for small business accounting systems. Edge Technologies would eventually become a public company through a reverse merger with ActiveIQ Technologies. Mr. Jameson has developed numerous market trading indicators and investment systems. He has been the team lead for multiple developments and his efforts have been utilized by organizations such as AT&T, Snapper Power Equipment, Invensys, Curve and ZingFan.

Areas of Expertise
Experienced in LAMP, JavaScript, ReactJS, AngularJS, jQuery, UnderscoreJS, MomentJS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Sass, HTML, SQL, AWS (RDS, DynamoDb, S3, EC2), Drupal (node), Zend, Laravel, REST, OOP, JSON, SOAP, XML, TradeStation EasyLanguage, VB.NET, VisiLogic Ladders, Third Party Integrations, and Data Conversions. 


Custom Software Development

Summerlin Technologies is a Las Vegas, Nevada based custom software development company. We offer a wide range of custom software development services including hybrid app development, backend platform development, and integration services.

Every project is different, but our process is consistent for all projects. Each project will follow the process as outlined below.

Ballpark Estimate

After meeting with prospective clients, we take about 1 hour of our time to create a ballpark estimate of the overall project scope and cost. We do this to ensure that both our firm and the prospective client are in the same "ballpark" when viewing the overall project, both in terms of cost as well as timeframe for development. 


After the initial phone call, we like to meet with prospective clients, at their location, to dive deeper into their project. This meeting is no charge, typically takes about 1 hour, and covers the broad outlines of the project. 

Initial Phone Call

It all starts with the first phone call. During the initial call, we will go over the broad outlines of your project. At this point, we will be able to make an initial assessment of our ability to meet your requirements.

The call is free, so when you are ready, give us a call at (702) 460-6741 to discuss your project.

Contract and Deposit

Up to this point, there has been no charge, for our time, while we work with the prospective client to understand the specifications, scope, and cost of their project. At this point, in order to proceed, we ask that clients sign a contract and issue a deposit on the work per the agreed upon terms, timeframes, and milestones.

Detailed Estimate

If everyone has a similar view of the project cost and timeframe, we dive deeper into the project specifications, developing a fixed price, estimated timeframes, completion milestones and payment schedule for the project. This process takes us anywhere from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the project. 


Each project is unique, but most projects have more than one milestone. As each milestone is completed, a team review is conducted to ensure that all milestone specifications have been met. Then, any additional payments are issued to start work on the next milestone.

A project is complete when all milestones have been reached and both parties agree that all project specifications have been met.